Optical 3D Scanning

Large Volume Scanning Projects
Optical Co-Ordinate Measuring
Automated Scan Inspection

Scantech 3D
Quicksurface 3D software 2

New Partnership for 3D Softwares

Scantech 3D have signed a Strategy Partner Agreement with KVS. This new relationship will give Scantech’s customers access to KVS’ strong suite of 3D Reverse Engineering software solutions, to convert 3D scan meshes into CAD models, bundled with Scantech’s extensive and unique line of 3D scanners and scanning technologies. These software solutions include: Quick2Surface, Mesh2Surface for Solidworks and Mesh2Surface for Rhinoceros 3D.



Optical tracking system can be used for scanning and also probing inspection. No target markers required for scanning.
Large volume objects with higher accuracy. Ideal for studio type environment. Modes of scanning: (All Blue Laser), Multi-Cross, HyperFine + Single line mode


Working with industrial robot for intelligent online quality control inspection, AutoScan-T22 delivers hands free, repetitive scan cycles to monitor and report on part conformity.

MSCAN - Photogrammetry

Shooting area up to 9.4m x 6.9m
Depth of Field up to 6.5m

Use Stand-Alone for Large Measurements

Use with 3D Scanner for Improved Accuracy Over Large Areas