ScanViewer Tube

Scantech 3

Laser Scanner + Software for CNC tube bending data‚Äč

ScanViewer TUBE specifically addresses applications for the CNC tube bending industry.
Scan the unknown tubes with your Scantech laser scanner, quickly and easily for accurate tube data.
ScanViewer TUBE can calculate the L,R,A values required for your CNC bender program.
After first bending , compare to your original and ScanViewer TUBE can calculate bend correction values.
Create a CAD model (STEP file) of the scanned tube data & export it to your CAD system.
Create customisable reports of the tube and bend program data.

Tube data created from scanned mesh
tube bend scan
LRA Values calculated for CNC tube bender program
Overlay the first bend result to original tube
Align the 2 tube bends to calculate the bend compensation error
Create customised reports of tube data and bender programs